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Forget Lactose Intolerance – Have Milk Without Any Fear

Milk provides our body with many necessary nutrients. But there are unfortunate people who cannot digest milk or dairy products because of the shortage of lactase enzyme in their body. This leads them to lack an adequate percentage of calcium in their body and that can cause many serious ailments.

At Gelda Scientific, we care to provide you with products that can help you to fight against your lactose intolerance to a great extent. Being a pharmaceutical manufacturing company with robust R&D base and vast experience in developing highly effective OTC and NHP products including Lacteeze we know how to help people in digesting lactose without any kind of uncomfortable condition.

Lacteeze Products

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What We Do

We can develop a product from the initial concept to its final marketing form. We specialise in developing new products and can take a project from R&D, pilot trails to commercial production. Hence, you do not need to live your life by consuming dairy-free products. You can have them just after consuming Lacteeze.

We are in pharmaceutical manufacturing of OTC for several years and know how to develop products that can help people of all ages. Please have a look of our products and choose the one which will be suitable for you.