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Today’s Gelda Scientific is a collaboration of Kingsmill Food, Gelda Scientific, and Gaylea foods. Gelda Scientific is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company with strong R&D base and immense experience in developing highly effective OTC and NHP products. This company was formed in Canada in 1978.

The Beginning

Lacteeze Ltd was incorporated in 1984 by Bill and Dorian Kingsmill. Their main motto is to help the people who are suffering from lactose intolerance. Dorian wished to manufacture foods for the lactose intolerance population who cannot consume milk or any dairy products because they are suffering from the shortage of lactase enzyme.

Thus, Gelda Scientific and Lacteeze Ltd prefer to work hand in hand to develop something useful for these people.

The Success Story

After 3 years of research and help from the University of Guelph and the National Research Council, we were successful in launching the first “Lacteeze” Lactose Reduced Milk in Canada in 1987. In our initial stage of research and development, we were able to produce Lacteeze products that were ok for only 70% of the lactose intolerant population. However, Dorian was not happy with this result and tried to get something more effective for that entire population.

We have achieved success when we developed that was totally lactose-free and can be consumed by all types of lactose intolerant people. Lacteeze is our current product and it is the leading one in this industry in Canada.

Lacteeze Products

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Our Products

Lacteeze Dairy Products, Children’s Lacteeze tablets, Lacteeze Extra Strength tablets, Lacteeze Ultra tablets and Lacteeze drops for adults and infants are some of the most useful and popular products of our company which are used in Canada and other parts of this world as well.

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