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Supplements For Lactose Intolerance

We manufacture the most effective food supplementary foods for people who are intolerance to lactose.

Supplements For All Ages

Enjoy consuming the milk and other dairy products at all age with the help of our Lacteeze

Obtain Health And Happiness

No more discomfort by the consumption of milk; get rid of lactose interlace with our supplements.

Welcome To Gelda Scientific

A pharmaceutical manufacturing company with strong R&D base and immense experience in developing highly effective OTC and NHP products.

As a Canadian company, we have started our journey in 1978 and become successful in our effort of developing food technologies for this society. However, soon we have diversified our business from R&D base to food laboratory services. Now, we are totally dedicated to food, water, the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing of OTC and nutraceutical products, food manufacturing and food distribution.

Our Main Strength

There are lots of factors that make us strong and help us endlessly to perform well in this industry for so many years.

  • 1. Our strong scientific base
  • 2. Our rich team in research and development
  • 3. Our vast experience about pharmaceutical manufacturing of OTC and NHP products
  • 4. Our ISO and Health Canada certified labs with advanced technologies and highly qualified professionals
  • 5. Our endless supply of top quality products for both institutional and retail markets
  • 6. Our specialization in manufacturing new products and successfully complete a project from the initial R&D to the commercial production.

Lacteeze Products

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Lacteeze – A Milestone In The Treatment Of Lactose Intolerance

Our pharmaceutical and nutraceutical branch manufactures Lacteeze. This is a health food as well as a health supplement which contains lactase enzyme which is highly effective to treat lactose intolerance

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